About Us

A Humble beginning

The very thought of a business enterprise is not even a dream for the founder of the GCC group, but things happening can’t be stop and in the year 2006, GCC started its venture with a very limited resources and manpower.

Who we are

GCC Biotech is an agile organization of senior consulting professionals and executives whose experience and skills extend from strategy to implementation across a wide range of business functions, industries and technologies.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading biotechnology research, products marketing & technology promotional organization based in Kolkata and New Delhi. A group of Research Scientists and technician experienced in the biotechnology research and development, technical and management professionals with experience in marketing Cell Culture Molecular bio-Research Products and advanced technology software, is dedicatedly involve for the support of Research & Development in India for last one decade and more.

From the day of GCC’s inception the goal was set to engage and help the scientist to fulfil their research objectives by providing High accuracy and quality services. To fulfil the goal GCC Biotech has procured and incorporated in their research tools several high-end instruments for DNA sequencing, Next gen sequencing, Bioinformatics services, Custom organic synthesis, Molecular biology services, Genotyping and Biodiversity analysis, custom bulk protein synthesis etc.

We are committed to our clients’ success. Thanks to our lean and agile structure, we adjust easily to biotech-research conditions and can focus solely on helping our clients achieve their objectives. Our experienced professionals have only one goal: deliver maximum value in a way that allows client appropriation and immediate results. In this competitive environment, we’ve learned that client satisfaction is the key to our company's development.

Organization & our strength

GCC’s is basically enjoys a reputation in its committed and time bound product delivery which is the need for our research people as time is the key factor for their works. For the last one decade we never failed to lose our images. Our continuous effort in providing quality products and services towards various research and business entity across the world has made GCC a name to reckon in the research arena.


The Location of a company provides its clients with a growing range of real-time services including workforce management. GCC is based at New Delhi as our Corporate Office which is ideally located near the technology centre of Delhi. It is an equipped office with all basic infrastructures. Our laboratory facility is based in Kolkata, eastern part of India. 


Laboratory Facilities

Our laboratory facility is situated at Joychandipur, Bakrahat, South 24 Parganas only 13 km from Kolkata city. Different polymath faculty members from Indian Universities, research organizations, international organizations and doyens in the field of Molecular Biology are direct advisers of our lab. Various distinguished scientists and skilled technical experts are involved with our laboratory.

Apart from these instruments we have several electrophoresis apparatus, precision balances, Incubator (BOD), water bath, refrigerator, -20 and -80 deep freezers etc. We have the expertise in maintaining various types of low and ultra low temperature perishable and temperature sensitive Research Reagents. Our COLD STORE is ideally maintained at temperature of 25 ºC, We have three Blue star Deep freezers of -20 º C and one ultra low -85º C upright Freezer for storage.

Work force:

Our research laboratory is based in Joychandipur, Bakrahat, West Bengal. Highly qualified experienced Scientists with various expertise and exposure are dedicatedly providing support in our Laboratory. Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, genomics, protein purification are the main areas of interest of our research. Our team of scientists includes M.SC, M.Tech and PhD with post-doc and with several years of Industrial experiences. We thrive to provide best possible service available in the industry.

Apart from the laboratory we have a very good skilled marketing team working all over the India.

Our Activities:

Providing high quality services has been GCC Biotech’s forte and we are delivering the best quality genomic, molecular biology and bioinformatics services to our customers. We are continuously introducing new services for our vast and varied customers, according to the demand of new age research, across India and abroad.

A small list of services offered by GCC Biotech is furnished below:

  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Genotyping for Biodiversity and population analysis
  • Bio-informatics Solutions
  • Oligo Synthesis
  • Molecular Biology services
  • Custom recombinant protein synthesis and purification
  • Custom method development and/or kit development
  • Custom Organic synthesis

GCC Biotech also continues its tradition of bringing into India innovative and world-class technologies in the field of Lifescience. Each of the different product groups offer end-to end solutions and technical expertise apart from proven customer support.

Innovation effort and future direction

Our Innovation effort for new product development has already been started and showed promising indication for success. The area of our interest for future business expansion includes:

  • Therapeutic product development and bring cheaper therapeutic biomolecules in the market and the road map has already been chalked out. Our plan is to invest 100 Crores in next 5 years to develop R&D and manufacturing facility for therapeutic product development.
  • Vaccine developmentfor veterinary use and kit development for the detection of disease outbreak. Preliminary studies have already been performed with the partnership of a renowned research institute of India and a pilot plan is under development.
  • Bulk protein product development of industrial and research importance