GCC has a sophisticated facility with high-end instrumentations. We have an experienced team with established track record of supporting discovery and development programs under biology and chemistry capabilities.


Some of the key instruments are listed below:

  • Molecular Biology
    • Automated DNA sequencer- ABI 3730 XL, ABI 3500 Genetic Analyzer
    • Next generation sequencer- Ion Torrent PGM
    • Thermal Cyclers
    • Real-Time PCR instruments (ABI 96 well & 384 well formats)
    • Pulsed field electrophoresis
    • Bioanalyzer (Agilent)
    • Ultra centrifuge
    • Gel Documentation Systems
    • Nano Drop Spectrophotometer
    • Bioruptor (Digilab)
  • Microbiology
    • Biosafety Cabinets- BSL I & II
    • Incubators and Incubator Shakers
  • Cell Biology
    • Biosafety Cabinets- BSL II
    • CO2 Incubators & Shakers
    • Phase Contrast & Fluorescence Microscopes
    • Spinner Flasks
    • Lab Scale Bioreactors
  • Protein Purification
    • ÄKTA- FPLCs (Primes, Purifiers & Explorers)
    • High speed centrifuges
    • Ultra centrifuge
    • Sonifier
    • Micro-Fluidizer
    • Lyophilizer
  • Analytical
    • Chemi Doc-XRS (Bio-Rad)
    • HPLC
    • Liquid Handling Systems/Pipetting stations
  • Chemistry
    • Rotavapor R-3 (Butchi)
    • HPLC
    • Chemical fumehood

IT & Communication

GCC compliments and certifies integrity of research data and confidentiality attached to it. All the scientists working here are covered under the agreement of data privacy. At GCC, IP is assigned to the customer right at the beginning of the relationship. Customer’s information is prearranged and protected as per their requirement.

Also, the management conducts IP consciousness sessions for scientists through regular training sessions on good notebook practices that provide an understanding of the purpose of R&D notebooks, patents, trade secrets, scientific data archival in electronic media, etc. These sessions provide overview on the type of experiment data that need to be recorded, signing & witnessing the Lab Notebooks and general rules to maintain these Lab Notebooks.

GCCguarantee that our customers get the project updates on Real-Time basis with high level of data privacy. Our information technology department has implemented state-of-the-art security measures for data sharing and data protection supported by effective backup solutions. We have implemented SOP to manage all GCC’s projects.