Genotyping Analysis with Bioinformatics Support

Bioinformatic Support Services

Cat.# Service Description Pack Size Price
GNS019 Setup charges includes POR
Project design
Primer synthesis (desalted standard)
PCR optimization
DNA isolation, purification, quality check
GNS019A PCR Reaction and quality check70POR
GNS019B Agilent Bioanalyzer based analysis 100POR
GNS019C ABI Genetic analyzer based analysis-
(Modified primer will be provided on additional standard market price) 180POR
GNS019D Signature allele identification and sequencing- (double pass) upto 100 sequences.POR
GNS019E Bioinformatics analysis: Genetic Profiling of germplasm for geographical; Identification and
biodiversity analysis; Germplasm Mapping analysis; QTL analysis (morphological data provided
by customer); Biodiversity analysis; Phylogenetic tree construction; Clustering of population
Statistical analysis for population study; Parental evaluation; Marker assisted profilingPOR
GNS020 Setup charges:
For Large population analysis (Upto 100 samples) Includes
Project design; Primer synthesis (desalted standard); PCR optimizationPOR


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