Custom Genotyoing Services

Custom Genotyping Services

Cat.# Service Description Specification Pack Size Price
GPOL-02 AFLP Fragment AnalysisFluorescent-labeled Per RunPOR
AFLP samples sized
GPOL-02A Genotyping by AFLP Starting from genomicPOR
GFRG-03 Multi-Locus Sequencing Typing (MLST)Allelic profiles of house
20-40 µg of gDNAkeeping genes and related
with OD260/280 1.8 to 2.0; bioinformatics analysis
Customer have to provide details regarding Per samplePOR
t house keeping gene and reference genome
GFRG-05 Mitochondrial Sequencing to studyshort mtDNAamplicons which
human diseases such as diabetes, range in size from 100 bases
certain cancers, and to 350 bases and sequencing
mechanisms of aging and analysis
population genetics and
biodiversity assessments Per targetPOR
GPOL-03 Genotyping by SSR/ STR analysis
(min. 5 samples with 5 markers), AGE Basedeach projectPOR
GPOL-04 Genotyping by AFLP (min. 5 samples with 5 markers),
AGE Based each projectPOR
GPOL-05 Genotyping by RAPD (Non- Fluorescent primer)
(min. 5 samples with 5 markers), AGE Based each projectPOR


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