DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Genomic DNA Isolation

GSure® DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source. Purified DNA is free of protein and any sort of contamination. This kit provides a simple and convenient technique to isolate high-quality DNA from fresh or stored samples. Isolated gDNA is compatible for all sorts of downstream application like restriction digestion, southern blotting, PCR amplification, next generation sequencing etc.

Plasmid DNA Isolation

GSure® Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit is an alkaline lysis based plasmid DNA isolation kit which employs silica membrane mini spin column for rapid and fast purification of the isolated DNA molecule. This kit can isolate covalently closed circular (ccc) plasmid DNA molecule from fresh overnight grown E.coli cells. Isolated plasmid is free from genomic DNA/Protein or RNA contamination. Isolation of plasmid DNA completes within 30 min.

DNA Purification


GCC offers Silica Based Spin mini column formatted Gel Extraction Kit can purify high quality, salt free DNA purified from 0.5%-2% agarose gel. This Kit does not contain any Guanidine Thiocyanate, thus delivers a purified DNA compatible for all sorts of downstream application.

Mitochondrial & Viral DNA Isolation

GCC's Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit provides convenient tools for isolating mtDNA from a variety of cells and tissues in high yield and purity, with very low contaminations from genomic DNA. The purified mtDNA can be used for a variety of studies such as enzyme manipulations, Southern blotting, cloning, PCR analysis, and amplifications


GSure® Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit from Tissue
Catalogue No.: GRD1005
Pack Size: 50 Preps

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GSure® Dogma Kit for Blood
Catalogue No.: GD1005
Pack Size: 50 Preps

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G9 Taq DNA polymerase, 10x buffer with MgCl2
Catalogue No.: G7115
Pack Size: 1000U

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