DNA Purification

DNA Purification

Cat. No.#Product SpecificationsPack Size, QuantityPrice
G4628A GSure® PCR Purification KitOne pack, 50 isolationsPOR
G4629 GSure® PCR Purification Kit One pack, 250 isolations POR
G4629A GSure® Gel Extraction KitOne pack, 50 isolations POR
GSure® Gel Extraction kitOne pack, 250 isolationsPOR


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100bp DNA Step Ladder

Catalogue No.: G4667

Pack Size: 100 lanes

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Super Stain Nucleic Acid Gel Stain, 20000X

Catalogue No.: G4708

Pack Size: 50 Preps

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10X TAE Buffer (Hi-Grade)
Catalogue No.: G4692
Pack Size: 1000ML