GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Kit

GSure® Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

GSure® DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source

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GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Kit  


  • Fast– less than 45min required
  • Easy – spin column format
  • Convenient- Fast, safe paraffin removal..
  • Reproducible- Delivers almost equal amount of yield on every isolation.
  • Pure DNA- Contaminant-free DNA enables more sensitive results in PCR, Sanger sequencing and NGS
  • Easy to use- No requirement of addition of RNase A or Proteinase K externally
  • Cost effective – More preps for the money.
  • EcoFriendly- Minimum number of steps, thus minimum number of plastic ware required.



  • Highly Purified DNA from FFPE Tissue in 45 min.
  • Extremely fast: isolation completed within 45 min.
  • For purification of total genomic DNA from tissues fixed with formalin and embedded in paraffin.
  • An easy to use silica membrane, spin-minicolumn based DNA isolation kit for rapid, robust and reproducible isolation of genomic DNA from FFPE tissue samples.
  • Doesn't retain any contaminating collagen/ protein components in the eluted
  • DNA. The recovered DNA is pure and free from contaminants that can have an adverse affect on detection sensitivity and amplification efficiency.


Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price (₹)
G46221F GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Kit 50 prep  


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FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit is designed to extract and purify genomic DNA from tissues fixed with formalin and embedded in paraffin. The kit uses special lysis conditions to release DNA from tissue sections and to overcome inhibitory effects caused by formalin crosslinking of nucleic acids. The fixation process causes cross-linkage between nucleic acids and proteins, and covalently modifies adenine and cytidine by the addition of monomethyl groups to the bases. (Resulting the nucleic acid molecules rigid and susceptible to mechanical shearing). Therefore, in order to utilize FFPE tissues as a source for DNA, a reliable method is required for its extraction from the cross-linked matrix. There are several fators that can affect DNA isolation from FFPE tissue.

  1. Tissue type, size, and amount being used for DNA isolation— the recommended tissue thickness is 10–20 µm The number of sections used is determined by the tissue type (which impacts cell density) and surface area (recommended size: 250–300 mm). Excess starting material can cause filter clogging, resulting in poor yield.
  2. Storage block- Storage blocks without cutting edges, if possible strictly prevent damage due to continued exposure to atmospheric oxygen , water and other environmental factors such as light and contamination.
  3. Source of upstream tissue and tissue sample preparation: If possible, tissues should be fixed within an hour after surgical resection. The optimal fixation time 1224 hours.
  4. Excessive amount of paraffin is an integral part of the sample to be used - when possible , should be arranged to avoid excess paraffin before the purification . Purification system based on xylene , at room temperature treatments twice with xylene for deparaffinization should be enough . If more stringent condition required 37-55 °C incubation for 30 minutes can be performed .

GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit contains 3 lysis buffers which assure complete enzymatic lysis of cells and digestion of contaminating proteins. Wash buffer supplied with the kit confirms complete removal of proteins and contaminants from the silica membrane. Optimized protocol guaranties extremely purified genomic DNA isolation reproducibly irrespective of the sample source.
Buffers provided with the GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit assure complete lysis of cells and digestion of cellular proteins. Buffers are already doped with RNase A and Proteinase K, thus external addition of these components are not required. All the buffers should be stored at room temperature. Prescribed volume of absolute ethanol is to be added with the wash buffer before starting the work.


 GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Kit  






Materials that provided with the kit
Product GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Kit Competitor Q Kit
Number of Steps 7 10
Number of Buffers 4 5
Time Required <45 min. Not< 4hr.
Yield +++++ ++
Robustness +++++ +++



Protocol & Manuals

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G46221F GSure® FFPE Tissue DNA Kit, 50 Isolation