GSure® Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood & Cultured Cell)

GSure® Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

GSure®  DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source


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GSure® Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit


  • Fast– less than one hour required.
  • Easy– spin column format.
  • Convenient- Same optimized protocol for different types of cell. 6
  • High yield- Recovers 10µg total gDNA from 10 no. of cells. 
  • Reproducible- Delivers almost equal amount of yield on every isolation.
  • Easy to use- No requirement of addition of RNase A or Proteinase K externally.
  • Cost effective– More preps for the money.
  • EcoFriendly- Minimum number of steps, thus minimum number of plastic ware required.



  • Highly Purified DNA from Cultured cells in 45 min.
  • For purification of total genomic DNA from cells.
  • An easy to use silica membrane, spin-mini-column based DNA isolation kit for rapid, robust and reproducible isolation of genomic DNA from adherent and suspension cells.
  • Wide range of sample volume: 104 - 106 number of cells.
  • Equally efficient on stored cells.
  • Maximum yield of genomic DNA.
  • Could detect apoptotic ladder.
  • Highly purified genomic DNA, 260:280 ratio varies between 1.79-1.83.



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GSure® Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit 50 prep


G4624B GSure® Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit 250 prep



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GSure® DNA Mini Kit from cultured cells involves the technology to purify high molecular-weight DNA from a wide range of cultured cell types without phenol or chloroform. Lysis buffers are optimized for different sample types and provide immediate denaturation of proteins such as nucleases, histones, and DNA-binding proteins. Isolation procedure completes within 45 min. The kit delivers exceptionally large molecular weight genomic DNA which is compatible for all sorts of downstream processing.

The kit ensures efficient and rapid isolation from all types of cell. Isolation is equally efficient on adherent and non adherent cells. Cultured cells after harvesting could be stored at -80°C for long time and almost equally, efficient genomic DNA isolation is possible from stored cells using GSure® Cultured Cells DNA Isolation Kit.

Treatment with some derivatives or by aging, some cells may show apoptotic degradation of genomic DNA, resulting a 200bp ladder like appearance of the isolated DNA, called apoptotic ladder. Extreme sensitivity and efficient DNA binding capacity of the GMini Spin Column assures identification of apoptotic ladder.

GSure® Cultured Cells DNA Isolation Kit contains 3 lysis buffers which assure complete enzymatic lysis of cells and digestion of contaminating proteins. Wash buffer supplied with the kit confirms complete removal of proteins and contaminants from the silica membrane. Optimized protocol guaranties extremely purified genomic DNA isolation reproducibly irrespective of the sample source.

Buffers provided with the Kit assure complete lysis of cells and digestion of cellular proteins. Buffers are already doped with RNase A and Proteinase K, thus external addition of these components are not required. All the buffers should be stored at room temperature. Prescribed volume of absolute ethanol is to be added with the wash buffer before starting the work.


GSure® Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit




Materials provided with the kit
Product GSure® Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit Competitor Q Kit
Number of Steps 7 10
Number of Buffers 4 5
Time Required <45 min. Not< 1hr.
Yield +++++ ++
Robustness +++++ +++


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G4624A GSure® Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit, 50 Isolation