GSure® Urine DNA Mini Kit

GSure® Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

GSure®  DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source

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GSure® Urine DNA Mini Kit


  • Fast– less than 45min required.
  • Easy– spin column format.
  • Convenient- Same optimized protocol for different sources of sample.
  • High yield- Recovers 2-5µg total gDNA from 0.51.5ml urine sample.
  • Reproducible- Delivers almost equal amount of yield on every isolation.
  • Easy to use- No requirement of addition of RNase A or Proteinase K externally.
  • Non invasive technique- only way to isolate genomic DNA noninvasively for clinical screening.
  • Effective removal of PCR inhibitors: Purified DNA is highly suited to sensitive downstream applications
  • Infection titar: Allows for the purification of viral DNA from urine
  • Minimum sample volume: Small urine input ranging from as low as 50 µL to 1.5 mL



  • Highly Purified DNA from 1ml Urine in 45 min.
  • Extremely fast: isolation completed within 45 min.
  • For purification of total genomic DNA from minimum urine sample.
  • An easy to use silica membrane, spin-mini-column based DNA isolation kit for rapid, robust and reproducible isolation of genomic DNA from saliva.
  • Isolate high quality , high molecular weight and low molecular weight circulating DNA which does not retain any contaminating metabolite/ protein components


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GSure® Urine DNA Mini Kit 50 prep


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Urine is an excellent non-invasive alternative to patient's genomic DNA for disease profiling. This kit provides a fast, reliable and simple procedure for isolating total DNA from up to 1.5 mL of urine. Both high molecular weight DNA (greater than 1 kb in size; mostly cell associated) and the smaller DNA (150 - 250 bp; derived from the circulation) is effectively isolated and purified using a rapid and convenient spin column protocol. Multiple samples can be processed in 30 minutes. This kit can be used to isolate DNA from a broad range of viruses in urine as well. Salts, metabolic wastes, proteins and other contaminants are removed to yield inhibitor-free DNA for use in sensitive applications. The DNA is of excellent quality for various downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR and DNA fingerprinting and more.

Isolation of DNA from urine has become an attractive alternative to isolation from blood or tissue due to the fact that sample collection is non-invasive, the samples can be collected by individuals without any expertise or by the donor himself. No special equipment is required. GSure® urine DNA Isolation Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for isolating genomic DNA from both preserved urine samples and fresh urine samples.

GSure® Urine DNA Isolation Kit contains 3 lysis buffers which assure complete enzymatic lysis of cells and digestion of contaminating proteins. Wash buffer supplied with the kit confirms complete removal of proteins and contaminants from the silica membrane. Optimized protocol guarantees extremely purified genomic DNA isolation reproducibly irrespective of the sample source. Buffers provided with the GSure® Urine DNA Isolation Kit assure complete lysis of cells and digestion of cellular proteins. Buffers are already doped with RNase A and Proteinase K, thus external addition of these components are not required. All the buffers should be stored at room temperature. Prescribed volume of absolute ethanol is to be added with the wash buffer before starting the work.


GSure® Urine DNA Mini Kit





Materials provided with the kit
Product GSure® Urine DNA Mini Kit Competitor Q Kit
Number of Steps 7 10
Number of Buffers 4 5
Time Required <45 min. Not< 1hr.
Yield +++++ ++
Robustness +++++ +++



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G46272A GSure® Urine DNA Mini Kit, 50 Isolation
G46272 GSure® Stool DNA Mini Kit, 50 Isolation