DNA, RNA & Protein Isolation Kit

DNA, RNA & Protein isolation Kit

GSure® Dogma kit is highly efficient to deliver high amount of genomic DNA, RNA and protein from same sample. This kit provides a simple and convenient technique to isolate all three biomolecules from wide range of samples like Plant tissue, animal tissue, cultured cells, blood and bacteria. Time required for isolation of all three biomolecules is just one hour. The kit can isolate all three biomolecules from same sample, thus it allows the researchers for simultaneous analysis of genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics of a particular sample. Isolation of DNA, RNA and Protein from same source minimizes the experimental error and makes the data more scientific. On one hand, the kit is cost-effective as it offers more preps for money and on the other hand, it is eco-friendly since it minimizes the use of plastic wares. GSure® Dogma Kit comes with such buffer composition that isolation protocol for different sources are same. Sample Volume required for isolation is also minimal and isolation
steps are simple and easy.
Cat. No.Products DescriptionPack SizePrice (₹)
GD1001AGSure® Dogma kit for Bacteria20 PrepView More
GD1001GSure® Dogma kit for Bacteria50 PrepView More
GD1002AGSure® Dogma kit for Plant20 PrepView More
GD1002GSure® Dogma kit for Plant50 PrepView More
GD1003AGSure® Dogma kit for Cultured Cell20 PrepView More
GD1003GSure® Dogma kit for Cultured Cell50 PrepView More
GD1004AGSure® Dogma kit for Tissue20 PrepView More
GD1004GSure® Dogma kit for Tissue50 PrepView More


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