GSure® Dogma kit for Cultured Cell

GSure® Dogma  kit for Cultured Cell


  • Efficient- DNA, RNA and Protein from same sample.
  • Fast– One hour required to isolate 3 bio molecules.
  • Convenient- Same optimized protocol for different sources of sample
  • High yield- Recovers 5µg DNA, 25µg RNA and 50µg Protein from 1 million cultured cells.
  • User Friendly– Less sample volume and easy workflow.
  • Reproducible- Delivers almost equal amount of yield on every isolation.
  • Easy– spin column format.
  • Cost effective– More preps for the money.
  • Eco-Friendly- Minimum number of steps, thus minimum number of plastic ware required.



  • Complete Isolation from Cultured Cell just in 1 Hr.
  • Fast and efficient purification of DNA, RNA and Protein from 1 million cultured cells.
  • An easy to use silica membrane, spin-mini-column based isolation kit for rapid, robust and reproducible isolation of all three bio-molecules.
  • Required sample volume is less and easy workflow.
  • Delivers high quality integrated DNA, RNA and Protein in every isolation.
  • Doesn't retain impurities from sample in the eluted DNA and RNA.
  • Qualitatively and quantitatively better than any Phase Separation Method.


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GSure® Dogma  kit for Cultured Cell 20 prep


GD1003 GSure® Dogma  kit for Cultured Cell 50 prep



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GSure® Dogma kit is highly efficient to deliver high amount of genomic DNA, RNA and protein from same sample. This kit provides a simple and convenient technique to isolate all three biomolecules from wide range of samples like Plant tissue, animal tissue, cultured cells, blood and bacteria. Time required for isolation of all three bio-molecules is just one hour. The kit can isolate all three biomolecules from same sample, thus it allows the researchers for simultaneous analysis of genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics of a particular sample. Isolation of DNA, RNA and Protein from same source minimizes the experimental error and makes the data more scientific. On one hand, the kit is cost-effective as it offers more preps for money and on the other hand, it is eco-friendly since it minimizes the use of plastic wares. GSure® Dogma Kit comes with such buffer composition that isolation protocol for different sources are same. Sample Volume required for isolation is also minimal and isolation steps are simple and easy.

GSure® DOGMA kit combines the advantages of a silica-based system with a microspin format, thus eliminates the requirement of expensive resins and hazardous organic compounds. GSure® Dogma kit comes with GMiniDNA Spin column which is specially designed to bind genomic DNA. This kit also contains GMini CHROME column which is specialized for binding total RNA selectively.The DNA spin columns as well as the Chrome columns retain minimum amount alcohol from wash buffer; hence delivers purified form of genomic DNA and total RNA every time after elution.

Buffers provided with the Gsure Dogma Kit assure complete lysis of cells without digestion of cellular proteins. Buffer composition is optimized in such a way that DNA binds selectively to GMini Spin column and RNA binds selectively to the GMini CHROME column whereas the total protein comes in the flow-through. Dogma kit also comes with a unique Protein Precipitation Cocktail for rapid precipitation of total protein from the flow-through. Protein pellet wash buffer ensures complete removal of contaminants and delivery of purified protein pellet every time. Protein pellet resuspension solution ensures complete dissolution of pellet.

Purified genomic DNA is compatible for all sorts of downstream applications like PCR amplification, southern blotting, restriction digestions, next generation sequencing etc. Purified RNA is compatible RT-PCR amplification, northern blotting, RNase Protection Assay, Microarray etc. Purified protein is compatible for total protein profiling, western blotting etc.


GSure® Dogma  kit for Cultured Cell 



Materials and Reagents to be supplied by user absolute ethanol, molecular biology grade and Isopropanol, molecular biology grade.

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GD1003A GSure® Dogma  kit for Cultured Cell, 20 Prep
GD1003 GSure® Dogma  kit for Cultured Cell, 50 Prep