Modifying Enzymes and Reagents for Cloning

Modifying Enzymes and Reagents for Cloning

 Cat. No.Products DescriptionPack SizePrice (₹)
Modifying reagents and consumablesG4726T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Hi-Q100 UPOR
G4719T4 PNK Buffer Pack1500 mlPOR
GTDL01T4 DNA Ligase100 UPOR
GTDL02T4 DNA Ligase250 ulPOR
GTDL03T4 DNA Ligase1000 UPOR
GTDL04Gsure Fast T4 DNA Ligation kit30 rxnPOR
G4718T4 DNA Ligase Buffer Pack1500 mlPOR
G4721AExonuclease I1000 UPOR
G4722Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (SAP)1000 UPOR
G4725Alkaline Phosphatase Calf Intestinal (Hi-Q)500 UPOR
GS25AT4 DNA polymerase, Hi-Q100 UPOR
GCR-13A10mM DTT, Hi-pure reaction grade1ml x 5POR
GCR-13B100mM MgSO4 reaction grade1 ml x 5POR
G71291M Tris pH 8, Hi-pure reaction grade10 mlPOR
G71301M HEPES, pH 6.6, Hi-pure reaction grade10 mlPOR
GCR-6A0.5M EDTA, Hi-pure reaction grade10 mlPOR
G4776X-Gal100 mgPOR
G4777IPTG, Dioxane-Free5 gPOR
G4648Rnase Inhibitor (40u/ul)2000 UPOR
G719ARnase Inhibitor (40u/ul)4000 UPOR
G7200Rnase Inhibitor20000 UPOR
GME06ST7 RNA Polymerase1000 UPOR
GME06MT7 RNA Polymerase5000 UPOR
GME06SLT7 RNA Polymerase25000 UPOR
GME09SGSure® Invitro Transcription Kit25 rxnPOR
GME09MGSure® Invitro Transcription Kit50 rxnPOR
GME09LGSure® Invitro Transcription Kit100 rxnPOR
GME11SHerculase (Nuclease)5000 UPOR
GME11LHerculase (Nuclease)25000 UPOR
GME13SRnase H 25 UPOR
GME13MRnase H100 UPOR
GME13LRnase H250 UPOR
G4881DpnI100 UPOR


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