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Molecular Diagnostics

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GCC's in vitro diagnostics team has been engaged in a contest against the constant evolution of bacteria, the development of infectious diseases and pandemics. Strong with our protein division and experience in microbiology and molecular biology, it is our role as a companion of laboratories worldwide to stay a step ahead. We do this by providing the widest range of solutions on the market, tools and services to improve productivity and quality and the many innovations that contribute to optimizing different diagnostic laboratory performance every day.

Prenatal Detection

Prenatal diagnosis of Ataxia
Prenatal diagnosis of Haemophilla A and B
Prenatal diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
Prenatal diagnosis of  α Thalassemia
Prenatal diagnosis of  β Thalassemia
Prenatal diagnosis of Duchene  Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)
Cystic Fibrosis Detection
Phenylketonuria (Homogentisic acid) detection
HLA B27 detection
Down Syndrome detection
Tay Sachs Disease detection
Sickle cell anemia detection
Fragile X Syndrome detection

Joubert syndrome(AH1 mutation) detection
Cohen syndrome(COH1 mutation)detection
MELAS/MERRF detection
Friedreich Ataxia detection
DYT  1 & 5 detection
Spino muscular Atrophy (Type 1-4) detection
FSHD/CJD detection
Episodic Ataxia detection
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)
Myotonic dystrophy detection

Fragile X Syndrome detection
RETT syndrome(MECP2) detection

Timothy syndrome(CACNA1C,CACNA1F,CACNA1H mutation) detection
WAGR/WARGO syndrome detection
Neurofibromatosis 1 detection
Incontinentia pigmenti

Mitochondrial elevated plasma lactate detection
Wilson’s Disease
MTHFR gene mutation study

Huntington disease detection
Spino cerebellar ataxia (SCA) Panel (All genes,1-12) detection
Fragile X Syndrome detection

Leber's Hereditary optic neuropathy
Mitochondrial elevated plasma lactate detection

Telangiectasia PCR
XMN1 polymorphism study
Epilepsy SCNA1A,SCN2A mutation and carbamazepine sensitivity assay
HLA Typing