qPCR Master Mix

qPCR Master Mix

qPCR Master Mix


 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox


  • Exceptional sensitivity and specificity: powered by deltaQ, a cold sensitive PCR enzyme that gives exceptional natural hot-start activity, and optimized buffer formulation to eliminate the possibility of primer-dimer formation and/or non-specific amplification up to a stringent level.
  • Out performs any big brand in this product range: Provides at least 10 fold more lower limit of detection while comparing with Thermo qPCR master mixes.
  • Reproducible and repeatable: The C value over a t broad dynamic range consistently provides reproducible data.
  • Superior master-mix: Produces excellent linear 2data with accurate regression value (R~0.99), slope and PCR efficiency (close to 100%) with best compatible template primer
  • Compatible with broad range of Real-Time PCR instruments: Works with any real-time PCR instrument.
  • Choose from two formulations: contains the ROX reference dye in separate vial for your optimization to choose the master mix with or without ROX.
  • Fast an easy set up in qPCR preparation: Comes in easy-to-use 2x master mix format to eliminate the need to mix components, titrate MgCl2 , or perform other time-consuming optimization steps.

Shipping and Storage

qPCR master mix is shipped on dry ice. Upon arrival, store the components at -20°C.

Amplification of same target on different template

gDNA was isolated from 200ml blood of 8 individuals. Equal amount of DNA (1ng) was used as template for each amplification. Variation on amplification plot shows variability of genome and single peak on Melt curve shows single amplification irrespective of the DNA source.

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price
GCR-51 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox 1 ml  
GCR-52 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox 5X1 ml  
GCR-53 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox 10X1 ml  
GCR-54 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox 5X5 ml  


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qPCR is the technique used as a standard now a days for assay of gene expression, copy number determination, disease diagnosis and several other application. GCC Biotech has developed qPCR mastermix using all the endogenous reagents and formulations, starting from the thermostable polymerase and its buffer, fluorescent dye or the passive reference dye.

qPCR Master Mix


Detection Capability as low as 1 copy of target

10 fold serial dilution of human genomic DNA was used as template for amplification with b-actin specific primer. Sensitivity was detected up to 1 copy (2.5pg) of template (amplification plot). Amplification on serial dilution of template shows linearity of amplification on wide range of target quantity (Standard curve). Melting curve shows no nonspecific amplification.

Detect Wide Range of Target from Same Template

Amplification of different target: Same amount of genomic DNA was used to amplify different target regions. Amplification plot shows different amplification efficiency of the target regions. Melt curve shows different amplified products.

Get 10-fold higher sensitivity than the leading master mix

Comparative analysis with other vendors: 400 fg of DNA was used to amplify a 300 bp region using 2X qPCR mix (GCR-51) and 2x H-eff qPCR mix (GCR-61). Comparatives analysis with same amount of target-primer combination showed higher C value with T- t 2X DyNAmo Color Flash (F-416) and I-Power SYBR Green PCR Master Mix (4367659) (amplification plots and C value bar diagram). Melt curve shows specific single product t with GCC 2x qPCR mix and GCC 2x qPCR H-eff mix.

Protocol & Manuals

Some product description and more information to download our product brochure or manual datasheet

Catalogue No. Product Details Datasheet Brochure
GCR-51 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox, 1 ml
GCR-52  qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox, 5X1 ml
GCR-53 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox, 10X1 ml
GCR-54 qPCR Master mix, SYBR Rox, 5X5 ml