DeltaQ Polymerase

Thermostable DNA polymerases

Thermostable DNA polymerases


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  • Designed to be compatible with existing assay systems
  • Amplify from very low amount of template
  • Resistant to PCR Inhibitors, can amplify in presence of blood, serum and urine
  • Generates PCR products with 3′-dA overhangs



  • PCR for diagonistic samples
  • PCR for forensic sample
  • PCR for GC rich amplicon
  • RT-PCR
  • qPCR


Unit definition

One unit of DeltaQ Taq DNA Polymerase is the amount of enzyme required to incorporate 10 nmoles of deoxyribonucleotide into DNA in 30 min at 74°C.



-20°C to -10°C in a non-frost-free freezer. Guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly. Avoid repeated freeze/thawing of reagents.



Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price
G7126 DaltaQ Polymerase 250 rxn ₹ 9,900
G7126A DaltaQ Polymerase (4X250) rxn ₹ 31,276


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DeltaQ polymerase is a truncated version of Taq DNA Polymerase, lacking the first 278 amino acids. To enhance its DNA binding affinity a dsDNA binding domain protein has been fused with this truncated polymerase. Normally DeltaQ polymerase is able to amplify upto 4 kb from lambda DNA. Its enhanced binding property endow It to amplify from very low amount template (~ fmole level). DeltaQ polymerase also contains mutations in its polymerase domain that make it resistant to inhibitors present in body fluid. This resistant nature to pcr inhibitors, makes DeltaQ polymerase a suitable choice for PCR from whole blood , serum, urine. DeltaQ polymerase tolerates up to 15% whole blood and 50-60% blood serum in a 50 μl reaction which make it unique in its character from rest of the available polymerases. Apart from this special characteristics DeltaQ polymerase can amplify from high GC rich template.



DaltaQ Polymerase







Kit Component


G7126 G7126A

 DeltaQ Polymerase (2.5 unit/λ) 
10X DeltaQ Buffer 
30 mM MgCl2 
Gcfix cocktail 
Control DNA template 
Control Primer mix

100 Unit
(2 X 0.5 ML)
(2 X 0.5 ML)
10 µl
10 µl

2X100 Unit
(4 X 0.5 ML)
(4 X 0.5 ML)
10 µl
10 µl


Protocol & Manuals

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Catalogue No. Product Details Datasheet Brochure
G7126 DaltaQ Polymerase, 250 u
G7126A DaltaQ Polymerase, (4X250) 1000 u