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DNA Biology

A selection of DNA isolation kits are offered that purify high quality DNA from a wide variety of sources and for a wide array of applications. Custom and manual isolation of DNA also offered with highly purified reagents and consumables. A complete package of DNA biology reagents is available with un-compromised quality assurance.  


RNA Biology

Our scientists and technical support teams are knowledge leaders in RNA research. RNA is the matter that demands accuracy. Our goal still is to provide unique and reliable products to solve the problems researchers frequently face when working with RNA. Our kits, reagents and unique technologies are complementing scientist’s needs and their applications.


Protein Biology

GCC’s a range of different protein extraction buffers deliver high amount of Protein from minimum amount of sample source.  Protein quantitation kit and reagents for all molecular Biology Labs apprised from different school of thoughts.  GCC serves a single point protein related market to the researchers for their custom applications.


Molecular Biology

GCC Biotech identifies the non-stop change and development in the technical and research fields and has developed a full range of products in the molecular biology. Our assurance to enduring research and discovery is evident in our quality line of molecular biology products.