One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR 2X Master Mix

One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR 2X Master Mix

Covid-19 Detection Product

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One-step WRTaqman qRT-PCR 2X Master Mix


  • Economical, high-quality, ready-to-use master mix for amplification of RNA targets, high sensitivity on viral nucleic acid targets
  • Consistent, reliable amplification helps provide results you can trust
  • Simple single-tube, one-step reaction minimizes handling and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Simultaneous multiplex amplification of up to 4 different targets helps save time and money
  • Optimized to amplify low–copy number (10 copies) targets to deliver results even with challenging samples
  • Capable of working with singleplex or multiplex targets and with exogenous or endogenous internal controls
  • Additives to greatly improve success using samples that contain RT-PCR inhibitors such as blood, anticoagulants, dirt, and feces
  • Stable performance at a wide temperature range allows for convenient reaction setup and reagent storage

 Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price in $
GT2001 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix 50 rxn (20ul/ rxn), 1ml POR
GT2002 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix 250 rxn,(20ul/ rxn), 4X1.25 ml POR
GT2003 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix 500 rxn (20ul/ rxn), 8X1.25 ml POR
GT2004 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix 1250 rxn (20ul / rxn), 5X5 ml POR
GT2005 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix 2500 rxn, (20ul/ rxn), 2X25 ml POR
GT2006 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix 5000 rxn (20ul/ rxn), 4X25 ml POR
GT2007 One Step WRTaqmanqRT-PCR 2X Master Mix Customized Pack POR


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One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR 2X Master Mix is a fast and convenient solution for real-time PCR using the powerful combination of Max MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and G9 Taq DNA Polymerase in one reaction, providing improved PCR efficiency, wider dynamic range, superior sensitivity and specificity, and inhibitor tolerance without affecting performance.
Max MMLV Reverse Transcriptase can tolerate up to 60°C temperature, so that it improves primer specificity in cDNA synthesis. Additionally, high temperature can relax intrinsic secondary structure to facilitate hybridization of the primer within closed structured regions, or aid procession of the Reverse Transcriptase.
Available for probe-based qPCR assays, One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits are ideal for high-throughput real-time PCR screening and validation. A simplified work flow and reduced cycling times enable screening and validation of the greatest number of samples and targets in the shortest period of time.


Instrument Compatibility

  One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits are compatible with different commercially available systems listed below:

Applied Biosystems StepOne/StepOnePlus
7500, ViiA 7
7000, 7300, 7700, 7900HT, QuantStudio Systems
QIAGEN Corbett Rotor-Gene 3000, 6000, Q
Roche LightCycler 480, 96
LightCycler 1.0, 1.5, 2.0*


Protocol & Manuals

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Catalogue No. Product Details Datasheet Brochure
GT2001 One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits, 50 rxn
GT2002 One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits, 250 rxn
GT2003 One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits, 500 rxn
GT2004 One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits, 1250 rxn
GT2005 One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits, 2500 rxn
GT2006 One-Step WRTaqman qRT-PCR Kits, 5000 rxn