We are offering a number of different training and software courses as well as hands-on workshops for biotechnology application spanning the needs of both beginners and experienced scientists. These "hands-on" training courses and workshops involve performing actual experiments on biotechnology based instruments with real biological samples followed by data analysis using relevant software. The program aims to provide training of international standards that will prepare the students to compete in a global biotech industry and prepare them for the vast career possibilities in the life sciences field. GCC Biotech is committed to providing high quality training for developing industry-savvy employees of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, drug discovery and development, molecular diagnostics and value-added agricultural companies. Workforce development is a key to long term economic development of these business sectors. We accomplish this with activities/programs that spark student interests and imagination, provide educational tools for teachers, and generate support by the general public.

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We provide standardized training courses, our expertise lies in developing custom training for businesses based on their individual needs, schedules, and specific applications. GCC Biotech is committed to providing technical assistance to start-up and emerging companies in the biotechnology and value-added agricultural business sectors.

Specialized Training for Scientists & Aspiring Biotechnologists

Our customized training programs are effectively aligned with a carefully prepared needs assessment to ensure anticipated outcomes and results are successfully achieved.

  • We offer specialized training modules for the scientists and research scholars to make them aware of new products and new methodologies.
  • While launching new products, we welcome the desired scientists to participate in our programme held in our own auditorium. For outstation as well as local participants, we arrange free fooding and lodging facilities
  • We have established customer care service always ready to help the customers to be well equipped with knowledge of biotech tools & techniques being developed all over the world.