Real Time/qPCR

SYBR green & Taqman based qRT-PCR Kits

Sample TypeCat. No.Products DescriptionPack SizePrice (₹)
GCR-612X H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox1 ml₹ 9,918
GCR-622X H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox1ml x 5₹ 22,777
GCR-632X H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox1ml x 10₹ 44,186
GCR-642X H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox5ml x 5₹ 85,101
GCRS-001SYBER Green solution 10000X in DMSO0.5 ml₹ 24,328
GCRS-002SYBER Green solution 10000X in DMSO1 ml₹ 45,452
Custom Taqman probeGCR-4CCUSTOM-TURBO TAQMAN PROBE40 nmol₹ 38,769
GT1001WRTaqman 2X mastermix from (40ul rxn), 1ml50 rxn₹ 8,596
GT1002WRTaqman 2X mastermix from (40ul rxn), 4x1.25ml250 rxn₹ 39,615
GT1003WRTaqman 2X mastermix from (40ul rxn), 8x1.25ml500 rxn₹ 75,001
GT1004WRTaqman 2X mastermix from (40ul rxn), 5x5ml1250 rxn₹ 1,62,541


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