GCC provides quality assured oligonucleotides using state of the art technologies at short turnaround time at affordable cost for your research needs. Stringent quality control of the oligonucleotides are done using trityl monitoring, absorbance reading, PAGE and PCR & sequencing of universal primers guarantees their good quality.

Our oligonucleotide synthesis is high throughput and the use of robotics enables us to synthesize a large number of high purity custom oligonucleotides in short time in tube/plate formats at different synthetic scales.

Rapid Oligos

Certain experiments cannot be delayed for an extra day. When such is the case, order our Rapid Oligo service. The custom oligo will be shipped the same day for next day delivery. Order should be received before 12 noon; this service is for oligos shorter than 30 mer and will be synthesized only on a 200 nmol scale. Gel picture and A 260 will not be provided. Gel picture will be mailed if requested. 11-35 mer, 25 nmol/50 nmol, Desalted, cost Rs. 5 more/base than standard price Confirmation required.

Unmodified Custom Oligos

  • Degenerate oligos
  • Desalted
  • HPLC purified
  • PAGE purified

Multiple Synthesis Scale Options to best suit your requirement needs:

  • 25 nmol
  • 50 nmol
  • 200 nmol
  • 1000 nmol
  • 10000 nmol

Modified Custom Oligos

  • 5' Modifications (Biotin, Thiol, Amino, 6-FAM, Cy5, Cy3, Phosphate etc.)
  • Internal modifications (Inosine, FAM-dT etc.)
  • 3' Modifications (BHQ, TAMRA, Biotin-TEG, Inosine, Cy5, Cy3 etc.)

Ready Made Oligos

  • RAPD Kits
  • ISSR markers
  • Universal primers

DNA oligos in Plate

Unmodified Custom RNA Oligos

  • Modified Custom RNA oligos
  • SiRNA

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Quotations and Ordering

For quotation requests and questions, you may contact us by email or via our secured online quotation system. Please find the custom oligo synthesis brochure.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Saturday. You may contact us anytime for assistance.

Contact us, to request a quote for molecular biology services from GCC Biotech. It's fast and easy.