Organic Chemistry


GCC Biotech chemists are skilled at performing complex, multi-step organic syntheses and solving difficult chemistry-related problems. We offer prompt quotations, competitive prices, high quality products and fast delivery. Our chemistry service covers the entire area for custom synthesized organic products as well as routine In-house products for supporting different biological experiments.
We synthesize various biologically active small molecules such as, enzyme inhibitors, promoters, co-factors, inducers, medicinally active molecules, building blocks for library preparation, fluorescent/chemiluminescent probes for routine biotech research, fine chemicals, ligands for our clients. We are involved in developing various organelle selective fluorescent probes and bio-conjugation techniques. The scale of synthesis varies from milligram to multi-grams scales.
Cat. No.Service DescriptionPack SizePrice
G7931New molecule10 - 100 mgPOR
G7932Known molecule10 - 100 mgPOR
G7933Known molecule>100 mgPOR


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