Protein Biology

Protein extraction Buffer

Protein extraction Buffer delivers high amount of Protein from minimum amount of sample source.

Protein Ladder

GCC provides a range of protein markers to spot your protein within PAGE gel.

Protein quantitation kit and reagents

 GCC offers several must needed Protein quantitation kit and reagents for all molecular Biology Labs.

Protein Staining Dye

We offer different ‘within a run’ or ‘post run’ staining dyes for gel or membrane.

Protein Expression and Purification

 GCC offers essential kit, chemicals and equipment required for recombinant protein purification.

Reagents for Western Blot / ELISA

 Our ECL kit will amplify signal for a better visualization of low abundant protein.

Electrophoresis reagents

We  meet  the  chemical  requirements  for  PAGE  and  downstream  processing .

Isoelectric focusing and 2D gel electrophoresis

Essential kit and chemicals for 2D protein gel electrophoresis


G-SNAP in Gel Protein visualization regents

Catalogue No.: GPSN101

Pack Size: 25 ml

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GSure RNA Isolation Kit

GSure DNA Isolation Kit