Electrophoresis reagents

Electrophoresis reagents

Electrophoresis and related blotting techniques requires a series of chemicals and buffers. We care about these necessities provide good quality electrophoresis consumables.

Cat. No.#Product SpecificationsQuantityPrice in (₹)
GPC-0052x SDSPAGE sample loading buffer1mlPOR
GPC-0062x SDSPAGE sample loading buffer1ml X 5POR
G463210% SDS Solution100 mlPOR
G4632A20% SDS Solution100 mlPOR
GPC-00830% Acrylamide:bis-acrylamide solution (29:1)100 mlPOR
GPC008A30% Acrylamide:bis-acrylamide solution (29:1)250 mlPOR
GPC008B40% Acrylamide:bis-acrylamide solution (19:1)100 mlPOR
GPC008C40% Acrylamide:bis-acrylamide solution (19:1)250 mlPOR
GPC-010Beta-marcaptoethanol1ml X 5POR
GPC-0111M Tris.Cl, pH 6.8, for electrophoresis100 mlPOR
GPC-01211.5M Tris.Cl pH8.8, for electrophoresis250 mlPOR
GPC-013Extra pure Water for electrophoresis1 LPOR
GPC-014Extra pure Water for electrophoresis1L X 5POR
GPC-015Ammonium Persulfate25 gmPOR
GPC-00310x Tris-Glycine-SDS PAGE running buffer1 LPOR
GPC-004Ready to use Tris-Glycine-SDS PAGE running buffer1L X 5POR
GCR-P110X PBS, pH 7.21 LPOR
GCR-1T10x TBS buffer for western, Hi-pure1LPOR
GCR-2T10x TBST buffer for western, Hi-pure1LPOR
GCR-3P10x PBS buffer for western, Hi-pure1LPOR
GCR-4P10x PBST buffer for western, Hi-pure1LPOR
G7155DAB (3,3-Diaminobenzidine tetra hydrochloride)25gmPOR
GPC-021 TEMED, Mol Bio Grade 20 mlPOR
G4657Fat free dry milk500 gPOR
G4659 Fat free dry milk100 gPOR
GGC006Gravity Flow Columns 3ml/6 ml, Long-Form5 pcsPOR
GD1714Gel Drying Kit 50 SheetPOR
GD1714A Gel Drying Film50 SheetPOR
GPC-130TRIS TRICINE SDS cathode Buffer (10X)100 mlPOR
GPC-131TRIS TRICINE SDS cathode Buffer (10X)500 mlPOR
GPC-132TRIS TRICINE SDS cathode Buffer (10X)1 LPOR
GPC-133TRIS TRICINE SDS anode Buffer (10X)100 mlPOR
GPC-134TRIS TRICINE SDS anode Buffer (10X)500 mlPOR
GPC-135TRIS TRICINE SDS casting Buffer (3X)100 mlPOR
GPC-136TRIS TRICINE SDS Sample Buffer (2X)1ml x 5POR


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