GLyseB Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

Protein Extraction Buffer

Protein Extraction Buffer delivers high amount of Protein from minimum amount of sample source

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GLyse® B (Bacterial Protein Reagents)


  • Higher yields of soluble protein
  • compatibly with affinity purification resin
  • Low viscosity without sonication


GLyse® B (Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent) is formulated for ease of use as a homogeneous reagent in high-throughput applications. This enzyme based protein extraction solution can Lyse any amount of cells, from a single colony to several grams by adjusting reaction conditions. The presence of enzyme mixture in the lysis reaction media, substantially assure the recovery of expressed or bacterial own proteins in native condition and decreases the viscosity of cell lysates to increase its applicability in downstream application

GLyse® B Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price
GLB05 GLyse® B (Bacterial Protein Reagents) 50 ml POR
GLB06 GLyse® B (Bacterial Protein Reagents) 500 ml POR


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Catalogue No. Product Details Datasheet Brochure
GLB05 GLyse® B (Bacterial Protein Reagents), 50 ml
GLB06 GLyse® B (Bacterial Protein Reagents), 500 ml