GLysePT (Plant Tissue Protein Extraction Reagent)

Protein Extraction Buffer

Protein Extraction Buffer delivers high amount of Protein from minimum amount of sample source

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GLyse®PT (Plant Tissue Protein Extraction Reagent)


  • Ideal for applications such as isoelectric focusing (IEF), 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis
  • Rapid and efficient extraction procedure



GLyse® PT is an extraction Reagent for disruption and solubilisation of total protein from plant tissue. The use of the anionic detergent and/or mild anionic detergent with the recommended procedure (combination of sonication or heat treatment or both) has been shown to extract a satisfactory amount of solubilised and non-degraded proteins. The estimated hands-on time for the recommended procedure is 20 minutes. Expected yields will be 1-6 µg/µl total protein (recovered from standard procedure) depending on the starting material. This Reagent does not contain any inhibitors specific for protease, phosphatase, kinases, thus allowing users to use it according to their need.



Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price
GPA-006 GLyse® PT Plant Tissue Lysis Buffer 50 ml POR
GPA-007 GLyse® PT Plant Tissue Lysis Buffer 250 ml POR


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Catalogue No. Product Details Datasheet Brochure
GPA006 GLyse® PT Plant Tissue Lysis Buffer, 50 ml
GPA007 GLyse® PT Plant Tissue Lysis Buffer,500 ml