Protein Quantitation Kit and Reagents

Protein quantitation kit and reagents

Exact quantification and comparison of data is a pre-requisite of data analysis. We provide a range of protein quantification reagents to measure your sample according to the needs.

Cat. No.#Product SpecificationsPack Size, QuantityPrice in (₹)
GPQ 01G-Quant Bradford Reagent 1XOne Pack, 500 mlView More
GPQ 02G-Quant Bradford Reagent 1XOne Pack, 1000 mlView More
GPQ 03G-Quant Bradford Reagent 5XOne Pack, 100 mlPOR
GPQ 04G-Quant Bradford Reagent 5XOne Pack, 200 mlPOR
GPQ 10BCA Protein Assay Kit500 mlPOR
GPQ 11BCA Protein Assay Kit 1000 mlPOR
GPQ 14Rcomp BCA Protein Assay Kit50 mlPOR
GPQ 15Rcomp BCA Protein Assay Kit 100 mlPOR


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