G-SNAP in Gel Protein Visualization Reagent Mix

Protein Staining Dye

It is difficult to prepare proteins in high amount and desired quality because of the expression and purification challenges in most cases. 


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  G-SNAP In Gel Protein Visualization Reagent


  • No need to stain.
  • Very fast within 2 mins.
  • Equally effective in SDS as well as Native gel.
  • Same gel can be used for Western blot or other downstream applications.
  • Gel can be visualized after blotting in PVDF membrane.


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G-SNAP In Gel Protein Visualization Reagent ( For 100 Small Gel Equivalent) 25 ml


GPSN102 G-SNAP In Gel Protein Visualization Reagent ( For 200 Small Gel Equivalent) 50 ml



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Forget STAIN, Run only Gel

Quick and sensitive protein visualization methods are needed for SDS PAGE, since they will fasten the detection efficiency. However, traditional protein gel staining and destaining methods take several minutes to finish, which also demand excessive handling of the gel. Recently a tryptophan modification based detection of protein through internal fluorescence have been developed and used for rapid detection of protein in acrylamide gels. In this procedure one has no need to stain or destain the gel rather once gel run is over gel are needed to place over UV transilluminator for few seconds only. You can visualize or document the protein bands with the aid of transilluminator. Fluorescence signal strength depends upon tryptophan content in a protein. Considering average number of tryptophan in most of the protein , 150-200 ng protein can be visualized in general. This qualitative protein visualization approach doesn't  allow to quantify protein until and unless the same protein are used as standard samples.


Staining Procedure

In this technique one has no need to follow actually any hard protocol. It is so simple. Add a fixed percentage of supplied G-SNAP reagents in the resolving mixture during polyacrylamide gel casting before final volume adjustment with water. Run the gel as you do regularly. After gel run, take off the glasses and place the gel over transilluminator for UV exposure for 1- 2mins. Visibility of the band started to appear after 1 mins onwards. Documentation is possible in GEL DOC imaging system following normal nucleic acid EtBr protocol. The kit contains sufficient solutions to prepare up to 100/200 pieces of protein mini gels. Supplied G-SNAP reagents are recommended to store at 4°C



G-SNAP in Gel Protein Visualization Reagent Mix



  • This technique enables us to visualize protein in gel before proceeding for western transfer and at the same time allow to verify the transfer process after process complete.
  • After PAGE run,do not store the gel in water or any solution until uv treatment are done.


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GPSN101 G-SNAP In Gel Protein Visualization Reagent ( For 100 Small Gel Equivalent), 25 ml
GPSN102 G-SNAP In Gel Protein Visualization Reagent ( For 100 Small Gel Equivalent), 50 ml