SARP Stain Plus Protein Gel Staining Kit

Protein Staining Dye

It is difficult to prepare proteins in high amount and desired quality because of the expression and purification challenges in most cases. 


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SARP Stain Plus Protein Gel Staining Kit


  • Sensitive, detect ~50ng of protein
  • Rapid, complete within 12 minutes
  • Fixing and staining are reversible
  • Negative Stains do not interact with proteins
  • Best suitable with mass spectrometry or Western blotting


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SARPStain Plus Protein Gel Staining Kit, 100 small Gel Equivalent 500ml X 3



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Easy, Accurate & Sensitive Detection

A large number staining procedures based on labeling the proteins with different dyes (Amido black, Silver staining, Commassie blue, Sypro ruby, SARP stain Plus used to detect proteins in acrylamide gels have been well known. Commassie blue being the routine procedure used in every lab but its comparatively low sensitivity and ability to fix the protein and interfering with protein electro-elution or blotting for further analysis limited their popularity. Though SARP stain do not interfere in downstream analysis but its low sensitivity (> 80ng) also reduces its familiarity. All those procedure apply positive staining approach, where as a negative staining approach in SDS PAGE not only allow to carry downstream application, but also offer greater sensitivity. SARP stain plus holds a negative staining approach whose modified formulation allow higher sensitivity and reproducible result in less than 12 mins. Gels stained with SARPplus are visualized normally in naked eyes.


Staining Procedure

SARP stain plus staining needs a transparent container and orbital shaker only for proper staining. Fixation step is optional. Gels are incubated for 10 mins. in sensitizing solution. After discarding the solution, gels are further agitated in developing solution for 30 – 60 secs. When the gel has stained satisfactorily, remove the developer solution and repeatedly wash the gel with ultra pure water and stopped. One can take picture for documentation, placing gel over dark back ground with normal camera. As this stain is reversible in nature, by simply incubating at Erazer solution for next 10 mins bring back the gel in its original condition. The gel can be used thereafter for downstream application like Western Blot, MALDI etc.



SARP Stain Protein Dye Gel Staining Kit





  • As the fluorescent dye has a propensity to absorb on plastic surfaces, use of plastic container for staining is not recommended.
  • For Blotting equilibrations of the gel in 0.1% SDS containing transfer buffer for 10 -30 min is mandatory for native PAGE.


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GPSP101 SARP Stain Plus Protein Gel Staining Kit, 100 small Gel Equivalent