SARP Stain Protein Dye Gel Staining Kit

Protein Staining Dye

It is difficult to prepare proteins in high amount and desired quality because of the expression and purification challenges in most cases. 


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 SARP Stain Protein Dye, 100 Small Gel equivalent


  • Simple staining, No overstaining
  • Delivers a linear quantitation range
  • Less protein to protein variability
  • Stains all kinds of proteins
  • Same gel can be used for blotting or other downstream applications


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SARP Stain Protein Dye, 100 Small Gel equivalent 60 ml


GPS102 SARP Stain Protein Dye, 250 Small Gel equivalent 150 ml



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After STAIN BLOT the same Gel

SDS-PAGE is one of the most powerful and commonly used techniques in molecular biology. However, traditional protein gel staining and destaining methods take several hours to finish and leave a high background on the gel reducing the detection sensitivity. SARP Stain 25 Minutes Gel Staining Solution provides a fast and sensitive method for regular SDS-PAGE gel staining. The procedure requires only 15 minutes for gel sensitization and 10 minutes for staining. Protein Gel stained with SARP stains are readily visualized using UV or Blue light sources. A total of 25-30 minutes allow visualization of 50-100 ng of protein upon UV excitation.


Staining Procedure

SARP staining needs a Glass container and orbital shaker only for better staining. Fixation step is optional. Gels should be sensitized before staining with freshly prepared sensitizing solutions at least for 2 times. After sensitization gels are left in staining solution for next 10 mins. Now gel is ready for documentation with the aid of UV transilluminator. in any gel DOC apparatus (e.g Biorad XRS+). Packs contain sufficient solutions to stain up to 100 /250 pieces of protein mini gels. Working stock of sensitizing solution and staining solution are needed to be prepared freshly with supplied SARP staining reagent.


 SARP Stain Protein Dye Gel Staining Kit







  • As the fluorescent dye has a propensity to absorb on plastic surfaces, use of plastic container for staining is not recommended.
  • For Blotting equilibrations of the gel in 0.1% SDS containing transfer buffer for 10 -30 min is mandatory for native PAGE.


Protocol & Manuals

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Catalogue No. Product Details Datasheet Brochure
GPS101 SARP Stain Protein Dye, 100 Small Gel equivalent, 60 ml
GPS102 SARP Stain Protein Dye, 100 Small Gel equivalent, 150 ml