Protein Staining Dye

It is difficult to prepare proteins in high amount and desired quality because of the expression and purification challenges in most cases.

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SNAP Blue Stain


  • Fast and Sensitive
  • Methanol, acetic acid free staining
  • No need of destaining
  • Reduces solvent utilization cost during destaining
  • Spots can be analyzed using Mass spectrometry


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SNAP Blue Stain 1 L


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A simple ready-to-use protein stain based on colloidal coomassie dye G-250 that supports nanogram-level detection and excellent clarity for polyacrylamide gels. This staining protocol is fully compatible with 2-D maps in proteome analysis and subsequent mass spectrometry of eluted polypeptide chains. Blotted membrane can also be developed with SNAP Blue stain after Western blot. DS-PAGE is one of the most powerful and commonly used techniques in molecular biology. However, traditional protein gel staining and destaining methods take several hours to finish and leave a high background on the gel reducing the detection sensitivity. SARP Stain 25 Minutes Gel Staining Solution provides a fast and sensitive method for regular SDS-PAGE gel staining. The procedure requires only 15 minutes for gel sensitization and 10 minutes for staining. Protein Gel stained with SARP stains are readily visualized using UV or Blue light sources. A total of 25-30 minutes allow visualization of 50-100 ng of protein upon UV excitation.


Staining Procedure

After electrophoresis gels are washed with distilled water or with modified washing solution (for rapid wash) and incubated in ~50 ml SNAP Blue reagent (for one mini gel) . Staining procedure are carried out for next 15-30 mins with constant agitation. Band will start to appear from 5 mins. Asimple microwave procedure also helps to reduce the time demand. For higher sensitivity prolonged incubation and an additional water wash, can give a highest grade of sensitivity ( upto 5-10 ng) with crystal clear background. Due to its high sensitivity and ultra clear background, two dimensional (2D) gels are the promising target for SNAP stain



SARP Stain Protein Dye Gel Staining Kit









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GSBS01 SNAP Blue Stain, 1 L
GSBS02 SNAP Blue Stain, 2.5 L