Reagents and Kits for Protein Expression and Purification

Reagents and Kits for Protein Expression and Purification

GCC offers a range of essential reagents and kits for recombinant protein expression and purification.

Cat. No.#Product SpecificationsQuantityPrice in (₹)
GPC-01AHi- bind Ni-NTA Agarose Bead10 mlPOR
GPC-01BHi-bind Ni-NTA Agarose Bead25 mlPOR
GPC-01CHi-bind Ni-NTA Agarose Bead50 mlPOR
GPC-01DHi-bind Ni-NTA Agarose Bead100 mlPOR
GBI-01AG Bond Ni-IDA Agarose Bead10 mlView More
GBI-01BG Bond Ni-IDA Agarose Bead25 mlView More
GBI-01CG Bond Ni-IDA Agarose Bead50 mlView More
GBI-01DG Bond Ni-IDA Agarose Bead100 mlView More
GPIB01G Pure Inclusion Body purification Kit50 IsolationPOR
GPC-016X-Gal solution, 20mg/ml, Ready to use1mlPOR
GPC-017X-Gal solution, 20mg/ml, Ready to use1 ml X 5 POR
GPC-018100mM IPTG solution, Ready to use1mlPOR
GPC-019100mM IPTG solution, Ready to use1 ml X 5 POR
GPC-025M NaCl100 mlPOR
GPC-035M Imidazole100 mlPOR
GDH01G His protein purification kit (Ni-IDA Based) 20 purificationPOR
GDH02AG His protein purification kit. (Ni- NTA based)5 purificationPOR
GDH01AG His protein purification kit. (Ni- IDA based)5 purificationPOR
GCP1001 6-mL Empty Affinity Chromatography Columns with Caps andfrits5 pcsPOR
GCP1002 12-mL Empty Affinity Chromatography Columns with Caps andfrits5 pcsPOR
GPC1003 30-ml Empy Affinity Chromatography Columns with Caps and frits
2 pcsPOR
GPIB-01C Glyse® IB Solubilization reagents25ml X 2POR
GPC-020IPTG, Dioxane-Free, Inducer
5 gPOR
GPC-022 GPure protein precipitation kit50 prep POR
GCR-9Lysozyme (10mg/ml) in10mM Tris- HCl, pH 8.0 (MB grade)1 mlPOR
GDH02CG-His protein purification kit. (Ni- NTA based) 20 PrepPOR
GEB9A2X Lysis/equlibration buffer100 ml X2POR
GEB9B2X Lysis/equlibration buffer250 ml X2POR
GEB9C2X Lysis/equlibration buffer500 ml X2POR
GEB9DHis Protein Purification-Elution Buffer50 mlPOR
GEB9EHis Protein Purification-Elution Buffer250 mlPOR
GPQ 20M Protein Cleanup Kit 100 PrepPOR
GPQ 20SProtein Cleanup Kit25 PrepPOR
GPQ 21
PP Reconstitution Buffer 100 PrepPOR
GWB9AHis Protein Purification-Wash Buffer500 mlPOR
GWB9BHis Protein Purification-Wash Buffer1000 mlPOR


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