RNA Extraction and Purification reagents


RNA extraction and purification reagents

GCC Biotech has improved reagents for RNA biology research. These reagents can be used as tools for isolation, polymerization, copying, protection and various analyses of RNA molecules.

Cat. No.#Product SpecificationsPack Size, QuantityPrice (₹)
G31CTrizin RNA extraction reagent100mlView More
G31DTrizin RNA extraction reagent200mlView More
G7197Trizin LS RNA extraction reagent100 mlView More
G7197ATrizin LS RNA extraction reagent200 mlView More
G47053MSodium Accetate, (pH-5.2) molecular biology grade100 mlPOR
GCR-30RNA grade Nuclease free water2x50 ml X 2 POR
GCR-31RNA grade Nuclease free water5x50 ml X 2 POR
GCR-32Acid-Phenol:Chloroform, pH 4.5 (with IAA, modify 25:24:1)100 mlPOR
GCR-33Acid-Phenol:Chloroform, pH 4.5 (with IAA, modify 25:24:1)400 mlPOR
G4648RNase Inhibitor (40u per ul)2500uView More
G7200RNase Inhibitor500 reactionsView More
G46481CRNA Later10x10 mlView More
G46481DRNA Later20x5 mlView More
G46481ARNA Later50 mlView More
G46481RNA Later100 mlView More
G46482RNA Later500 mlView More
G46481BRNA Later1 LView More
G7111Rnase ZIP200 mlView More
G7111ARnase ZIP2x200 mlView More
G7111BRnase ZIP6x200 mlView More
G4649Rnase ZIP S200 mlView More
G4649ARnase ZIP S6x200 mlView More
G28Hi-Pure DEPC-treated water (RNA grade) (0.22u filtered)5x1ml X 5 POR
G30Hi-Pure DEPC-treated water4x100 ml X4 POR
G31Hi-Pure DEPC-treated water1 LPOR
G31AHi-Pure DEPC-treated water5 LPOR
G7196Ultra Pure DEPC treated water1 ml X 5 POR
G7196AUltra Pure DEPC treated water25 mlPOR
G4762DEPC (Di-ethyl Pyrocarbonate)50 mlPOR
G4762A DEPC (Di-ethyl Pyrocarbonate)100 mlPOR


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Trizin RNA Extraction Reagent

Catalogue No.: G31C

Pack Size: 100ML

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GSure® Gel Extraction Kit

Catalogue No.: G4629A

Pack Size: 50 Preps

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G-SNAP in Gel Protein visualization regents

Catalogue No.: GPSN101

Pack Size: 25 ml

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