GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit

GSure® RNA Isolation Kit

GSure® RNA isolation kit delivers high amount of RNA from minimum amount of sample source


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 GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit


  • Fast– less than one hour required.
  • Easy– spin column format. 
  • Convenient- Same optimized protocol for different sources of sample.
  • High yield- Recovers 2µg total RNA from 10mg leaf sample.
  • Reproducible- Delivers almost equal amount of yield on every isolation.
  • Easy to use- No requirement of addition of Proteinase K externally.
  • Cost effective– More preps for the money.
  • Eco Friendly- Minimum number of steps, thus minimum number of plastic ware required.



  • Highly Purified RNA from Plant Sample Just in 45 Min.
  • For purification of total RNA from Plant parts viz. Root, leaf, Seed, Flower, Fruit.
  • An easy to use silica membrane, spin-mini-column based RNA isolation kit for rapid, robust and reproducible isolation of total RNA from samples.
  • Required sample volume is less and easy workflow.
  • Equally efficient on fresh as well as stored sample in RNA Later.
  • Delivers high quality integrated RNA in every isolation.
  • Doesn't retain impurities from sample in the eluted RNA.



  • Materials and Reagents to be supplied by user Absolute ethanol, molecular biology grade. Isopropanol, molecular biology grade


Ordering Information


Cat. No. Product Pack Size Price
GR1004A GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit 20 prep POR
GR1004 GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit 50 prep POR
GR1004B GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit 250 prep POR


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GSure® RNA Isolation kit is an efficient, robust and rapid RNA isolation kit from minimal amount of sample. Sample requirement of the kit is very less, hence it can deliver high amount of RNA without any traces of contaminants. The lysis buffers are designed to lyse specific tissue types for most robust and efficient lysis. During isolation, immediately after cell lysis, buffer components deactivates cellular RNases thus delivers most integrated form of the total RNA. GSure® RNA Isolation Kit is categorized for Plant, Blood, Cultured cells, Tissue and Bacterial RNA isolation depending on different buffer types. Lysis buffers are extremely robust, e.g. Plant RNA Isolation does not require liquid nitrogen for tissue rupture and the isolation kit works equally efficient on leaf, root even on seed.

The kit does not employ any DNase digestion step or any in membrane digestion, rather it removes DNA selectively by a detergent dependent binding method.

Isolated RNA is free from any contaminants that may inhibit the RNA from downstream processing. Isolated RNA is enriched in small RNA population and compatible for Northern blot analysis, RT-PCR, RNase Protection assay, microarray.




GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit









Materials we provide

Product GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit Competitor Q Kit
Number of Steps 7 10
Number of Buffers 4 5
Time Required <45 min. Not< 4hr.
Yield +++++ +++
Robustness +++++ ++



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Cat. No. Product Datasheet Brochure
GR1004A GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit
GR1004 GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit
GR1004B GSure® Plant RNA Isolation Kit