RNA Gelelectrophoresis Reagents

RNA Gelelectrophoresis Reagents

GCC Biotech has improved reagents for RNA biology research. These reagents can be used as tools for isolation, polymerization, copying, protection and various analyses of RNA molecules.

Cat. No.#Product SpecificationsQuantityPrice (₹)
GCR-A32x Ribo load RNA Gel loading dye5x1 mlPOR
GCR-B32x Ribo load RNA Gel loading dye1 mlPOR
GCR-C310x MOPS Buffer100 mlPOR
GCR-D310x MOPS Buffer500 mlPOR
GCR-51M Tris. HCl (pH 8) (Nuclease free)100 mlPOR
GCR-610mM Tris.Cl buffer (pH 8) (Nuclease free)100 mlPOR
G4651High Gel Agarose NEW, Molecular biology grade (DNA & RNA free)100 gmPOR
G4652High Gel AgaroseNEW, Molecular biology grade (DNA & RNA free)500 gmPOR
G4653High Gel AgaroseNEW, Molecular biology grade (DNA & RNA free)1 KgPOR
GCR-D4 Formaldehyde 500 mlPOR
G4650LM25 LMP Agarose25 gPOR
G4650LM50 LMP Agarose50 gPOR
G4650LM100 LMP Agarose100 gPOR
G4706TE Buffer 10mM100 mlPOR
G4707TE Buffer 100mM100 mlPOR


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